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Cooking Temperatures Weights and Measures

Ingredients: Jumbo Extra Large Large Medium Small Peewee
30 oz/doz ~ 71g/egg
27 oz/doz ~ 64g/egg
24 oz/doz ~ 57g/egg
21 oz/doz ~ 50g/egg
18 oz/doz ~ 42.5g/egg
15 oz/doz ~ 35g/egg
Ingredients: Very Large Large Medium Small
over 72g
under 53g
Ingredients: Jumbo Large Medium Small Peewee
42 oz/doz ~ 100g/egg
37 oz/doz ~ 90g/egg
34 oz/doz ~ 80g/egg
30 oz/doz ~ 70g/egg
25 oz/doz ~ 60g/egg
Ingredients: Quail Hen Duck Goose Emu Ostrich

Assemble sugar, butter, eggs, self-raising flour, in equal quantities (by weight), and flavourings. Two standard hen's eggs are sufficient for an 8" or 9" round cake-tin. Your ingredients should be at room temperature; oven pre-heated to 350°F 180°C; tins buttered and floured.

If you have a balance scale, place your eggs, unbroken, on one side of the balance. Weigh butter and sugar, each to balance the weight of the eggs. In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar with a wooden spoon, until the mixture is smooth, light, and creamy (or use a food processor to achieve the same effect).

To serve as a Victoria Sponge Sandwich, make two identical cakes. Spread the top of one cake with strawberry or raspberry jam; cover this with a layer of whipped cream. Place the other cake on top and dust the whole with confectioner's (icing) sugar.

Weigh flour to balance the eggs, then break the eggs, one-by-one, into the creamed butter and sugar, mixing each until incorporated. Finally, sift the flour onto the mixture and fold in gently.

Bake in a medium oven for about 20 minutes. The cake is done when the top surface springs back after being gently pressed with your finger-tip.

Turn onto cake racks to cool.

Eggs are normally counted, rather than measured or weighed. They are sold in dozens (in US and UK), and by tens (in Europe).

A standard egg, in France, weighs 60g. A weight of 60g per egg corresponds to 25oz per. dozen—US large, or UK medium. A standard egg is just over 10% shell, 30% yolk and just under 60% white, by weight. For the standard 60g egg, the figures are 7g shell, 18g yolk, 35g white.

The normal egg weight-range is 35g to 77g—so two of the smallest weigh 10% less than one of the largest. The UK and USDA classes span this range. The shell accounts for about 9% to 12% of the total weight depending on egg size---smaller eggs have a greater proportion of shell; the remainder is roughly 1/3 yolk and 2/3 white.

Egg weights depend on breed, age, season, diet and individual differences between laying birds.

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