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Brussels Waffles

See also Virginia Waffles Liège Waffles Choux Waffles

3¼ cups (1 lb. — 500g) Plain Flour
7g instant dried yeast (one sachet)
4 medium eggs
Whole Milk
Vanilla essence
Two sticks (½ lb. — 250g) Butter

You can use yeast, beer, or baking powder to make your waffles rise. The recipe here uses yeast.Liège Waffles are a sweeter version. Choux Waffles are the easiest of all— no yeast or beer, no beaten eggwhites, no rising agents, just eggs.

try Liège Waffles for a tasty change

Make the batter before going to bed on Saturday night. The mixture should be full of bubbles when you rise on Sunday.

Mix flour and yeast in a large bowl; beat in eggs one-by-one. Then add milk gradually, beating all the while, to make a thick batter. Melt butter and add gradually to the batter beating all the while. Add milk as required to give the batter the consistency of thick cream, add a few drops of vanilla essence. Cover with cling film and leave overnight at room temperature.

Leave room for the batter to expand two- or three-fold in volume. Cook until golden brown. You shouldn't need any additional oil after the first waffle, as there is plenty of butter in the mixture.

Heat the waffle iron, quite hot; brush lightly with butter or oil. Ladle batter into iron and close.

Delicious with your morning coffee, maple syrup and cream, chocolate spread, berries and cream, fresh fruit, or simply dusted with confectioner's sugar.

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