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1 kg potatoes
250 g white onions
250 g fat smoked pork (breast or belly)
250 g crème fraîche
½ glass white wine (apremont or similar)
1 reblochon (450 g)

Reblochon has enjoyed AOC status since 1958. A green label signifies a farm cheese, from the milk of a single herd. A red label marks a dairy cheese. About 4l of milk is used to produce each 500g cheese. The cheese is matured for 6-8 weeks on a thin slice of spruce. The richest milk is produced in from July through September, so the best Reblochons are in season from mid-august, through November.

Cut your pork into chunky lardons, Sweat these gently over a medium heat until they just begin to colour. Add the onions, roughly chopped, and sweat until translucent — they should not colour. Meanwhile, peel and slice the potatoes, not too fine.

Combine the pork and onions with the potatoes and cream. Add a glass of wine and season with fresh-ground black pepper. Bake, covered, in a deep flat dish for 90 minutes at 300 °F (150 °C). Check with a skewer that the potatoes are cooked and tender.

Although it may be presented as a classic dish, tartiflette was invented in the 1980s as a marketing tool.

Scrape the reblochon top-and-bottom with a blade held perpendicular to the surface, leaving the rind intact; remove the band of rind around the "equator" of the cheese. Slice your reblochon horizontally into two discs. Keep these aside, rind-side-down.

Those who want more meat will find that roast pork confit goes well. White wine and something green are also recommended. Steamed asparagus is an excellent match.

Lay the reblochon on the hot potatoes, rind-side-down. You can cut the cheese as required to tile the surface; it will melt to hide the joints. Return to the oven, uncovered, for 15-20 minutes, until the cheese has melted to a thick bubbling cream. Serve hot.

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