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one cup (10 oz. 280g) icing sugar
one cup (10 oz. 280g) ground nuts
four egg-whites
3tbsp (35g) caster sugar
rosewater, bitter-almond essence, mace or nutmeg

Preheat oven to 300 °F (150 °C).

Classic macaroons are made from ground almonds—enlivened with a couple of bitter almonds, or a couple of drops of bitter-almond essence. For Amaretti add apricot kernels; peach-, and cherry-kernels also work. You can also use pignioli (pine kernels), hazelnuts, walnuts or pecans.

Mix icing sugar, ground nuts and any flavouring. Beat egg-whites with caster sugar to a stiff meringue. Mix one third of the meringue into the nuts; fold in the remainder. Pipe or spoon mixture onto rice paper or non-stick silicon sheet. Allow to rest 30 minutes (or up to a couple of hours) to allow the surface to dry.

Bake for twenty minutes.

The quantities given here can be used to make a 10'' disk of almond macaroon. Delicious flavoured with bitter almond and orange-flower water, and topped with raspberries and cream.

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