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Gravad lax

Also spelt, gravadlax, gravalax, ...See also

Ingredients: Procure or prepare: Mix, to form a dry marinade:
1 filleted fresh salmon, skin on—but scaled
a large bunch of dill, coarsely chopped
sea salt or Kosher salt, 3 tbs
sugar, 1 tbs
crushed white peppercorns, 2tbs
Ingredients: Combine Beat in, gradually to obtain a thick consistency, Add
4tbs Dijon mustard
1tsp mustard powder
1tbs castor sugar
2tbs white vinegar
6tbs vegetable oil
4tbs chopped dill

Remove the pin bones from the salmon with tweezers. The rest of the bones are removed in the filleting process, but you can see the ends of the pin bones or feel them by running your fingers the wrong way along the fillet. ...more detail from the Salmon University.

salmon cured with salt, sugar and dill

The sugar and salt draw water from the salmon. The weights are traditional, but you can just wrap the whole thing in clingwrap and lay it on a platter in the fridge, turning twice-daily. White sugar is traditional, but soft brown sugar gives an interesting variation.

Spread this mixture over the fish then place the two fillets together, head-to-tail, skin-side out, to form a sandwich, with the marinade in the middle. Use weights and a board to press for 36-72 hours in the fridge, turning and basting every 12 hrs or so.

Scrape off excess dill, pat dry, slice across the grain, fairly thick (1/8 in. — 3mm). Serve with Gravlaxsås and bread (rye matches well).

A castor is a small vessel with a perforated top, used, at table, to cast or sprinkle pepper, sugar, or the like, in the form of powder. Castor-sugar is sugar suitably fine for such a vessel—equivalent to superfine sugar from the USA.

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